What Makes Us Laugh?

image of laughing

Many different scientists have tried to pinpoint the exact reason we laugh at funny things. There are many different ideas about what makes something funny and what triggers an emotional reaction. One thing is for certain—laughing is a very biologically involved process. It releases hormones and activates certain centers of your brain. In fact, laughing a lot can be beneficial to your health.

Types of Humor

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Certain people appreciate certain types of humor. Some people love sarcasm while others prefer slapstick comedy. The type of humor you prefer depends on what kind of humor you grew up with and your culture. British comedy shows are very different from American comedy shows and don't get as much laughter from Americans as they do from their British audiences.

Being Funny

image of being funny

You don't have to be a self-declared comedian to be funny; you just have to be able to make people laugh. The trick is to pay attention to what makes you and your peers laugh and then incorporate that into your daily conversations. The best kind of humor is effortless humor—being funny without actually appearing to make an effort. Keep reading to learn about different types of humor.

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